Thursday, 6 September 2012

Camberwell MA Fine Art 2012

I loved the PV of the 2012 MA Fine Art Show last night. I may be slightly biased having studied on this course, but I thought so much of the work was amazing. It was really well presented and had such a nice cohesive atmosphere. My favourite works are shown below. The photography is by Joachim Sefzick. The Padded Room is by Leonie Cronin and the windmill is Rosanna Greaves. I also CJ Mahony's dark corridor. She constructed an intimate corridor out of wooden slats. there were splinters of light but the viewer is mainly kept in darkness. You enter the space alone and explore it however you like. I enjoyed the challenge of squeezing my body though increasingly claustrophobic spaces, inbetween the structure and the wall cavity. It felt like a secret trial.

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