Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wacky Dystopia

I'm reading the book Shades of Grey and just read a review of it calling it 'Wacky Dystopia' which sums it up perfectly! It's about a Orwellian future society in which there are strange rules and things that must not be mentioned or talked about. In this civilisation, most species have naturally developed barcodes for ease of to be catalogued; spoons are rare and sought-after. People worry about being attacked by swans and the nighttime is the ultimate horror. The hierarchy is run according to how much colour people can perceive. Purple is the ultimate elite with non-colour greys being the slaves of the chromatics. So far I'm enjoying the narrative. I find that the oddities and eccentricities i come across make me feel more involved in their obscure and regimented life!

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