Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Healthy May week two...

I think I have done well so far in Healthy May considering I have a lot on! I went to a yoga class at work on Thursday, which I will be continuing to go to for at least the rest of this month.

Here is my healthy recipe for the second week of Healthy May. I made Sweet Potato and leek curry, which I make quite a lot. However, I made this with a lot more veg than I normally do!

I par boiled the sweet potato and carrot and put the rice on. I used wholemeal rice which takes forever to cook so i had that on the whole time I was making the rest of the dinner.

I then chopped the onion and simmered until golden. Then added other chopped veg. you can use anything. I went for a leek, a large pepper/capsicum and some mushrooms. I then drained the carrot and sweet potato mixture to add to the pot of veg. I added a jar of sainsburys tikka masala sauce and some coconut milk. Then just cook until the veg is your preferred consistency and serve!

Then there was desert! I got Yoo Moo frozen yoghurt over the weekend. I had it with Strawberries and Blueberries! 

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