Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pick me up London 2012 part two

Yesterday I had so much fun at Pick me up at Somerset House. I bought a cushion made by Ciara Phelan who was part of the collective. I absolutely love it and think it will go perfectly in my new room!
While at the exhibition I took part in one of my favourite activities... COLOURING IN! yay! my friend actually had to drag me away from the colouring book of the tube on sale in the shop, But here is the colouring she did allow me to do!

I have drawn what I think is inside my head. My scribbles include a cinema screening room, cameras and photos, pens and paper and post-it notes, the weather, the stars, moon and planets, gin, tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit, food, cakes, music, tulips, australia, scotland, trees, polka dots, sea, cities and ice cream!

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