Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography on Flickr

The Images above are a selection of my 'favourited' images on flickr.

The Revolution will not be Televised has an orwellian nature it speaks to me of production lines and lack of individuality. The grain and quality of the image add to its impact.

With the second image Untitled, I like the repetition and the confusion cause by the reflections. I also like that the artist and subjects' personality and mind frame is hinted at though the haphazard display of images.

 I love the image of the singular hand in the ocean. The undercurrents of death and drowning are countered by the happy title 'Farewell!!'.

31.01 refers to a new years party by showing two girls in party hats, draped in fairy lights blowing balloons. However this image captures something more interesting than this. The image speaks of the carnivalesque with dark magical transformations. There is also the notion of morning a life you wish you had. With facebook taking increasing prevalence in people's lives, the real life sometimes doesn't live up to the persona you have created of yourself online.

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