Monday, 19 March 2012

Wardrobe rehab and shopping!

I am doing a wardrobe clear out as I am hoping to move house soon. I want to cut down on all my junk but also have been inspired by a pair and a spare's spring rehab. I have previously followed her 6 steps wardrobe cull and found it so useful this autumn to have more clothes than combine easily. However this project has one major drawback... getting rid of clothes and having more room is great, but the over whelming urge to go shopping and buy new sparkly things to replace my old rubbish is so great! Here are some things I am planning to buy to update my wardrobe.

1) A white t-shirt either v neck or scoop neck with a pocket (this one is from Gap)
2) Topshop Scalloped edge in an icecream shade!
3) some new shoes (from Clarks, I'm amazed)
4) Candy coloured nail varnish (
5)Levi Cut off Shorts - I have been wanting these for years, but always end up going with cheaper ones - this year is the year to get some! 

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