Saturday, 7 January 2012


I know you’re supposed to make resolutions on the 1st Jan, but I needed to think mine over.  This is my fist year that I’m not studying at University since 2004, so I want my year to be productive. I used A Pair and a Spare’s guide to sort my resolutions out into a category, a goal and then some steps to achieve the goal.  This makes it seem more manageable and less abstract. I thought I’d share my aims for this year to give me more motivation to achieve them!

  • Work 
  • Get a new job
  •  Apply for lots of jobs
  •  Print and check applications
  •  Network and ask around

  • Home
  • To move house
  • Save up while looking for job
  • Look for accommodation depending on new job
  • Get saving account with good interest rate and transfer 20% of wages

  • Learning
  • Keep learning and stimulated in year after Uni
  • Challenge myself
  •  Do this Course
  •  Look into Rockclimbing and Sailing
  • Book onto races eg 5k run, cyling, swimathon

  • Travel
  • Travel and experience new things
  •  Saving money from wages
  •  Researching to find good deals

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